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Oh I like the boy's photo....he was glued of what he is enjoying..wondering what was in his mind :)


Great serie of dragon-troubled-earth and fascinating expression of child.


More great photographs in this unfolding story.

Seeing Anew

These dragons are magnificent. I can just imagine them dipping and undulating. You've achieved great color in these photos. And best of all was the expression on the boy's face -- you can tell the dragons seem so real to him. I wish someone would take a photograph of you taking a photograph of people. I'd like to see how you get people to look right into the camera, without looking wary, uneasy, or posed.


The boy looks mesmerized! And so am I with these pictures of yours!


Hey Sid! take great portraits,you´re the man when i talk color portraits!This kid looks awsome!How you did you manage to shoot his dreams, his happiness? COOL I LOVE IT!
Ps. The dragon is supa!


so much redness in your pictures. i like it though. the more it makes it appropriate for valentine's day.


Love the large dragon pic!


My favourite is the first. I like the wavy lines that lead you in, and how the dragon is "resting" before the performance.


I just love the mesmerized look on this little boy's face!! :)
I am mesmerized myself by these gorgeous images ~~ I love dragons!


Hi Sidney. This is (again) an incredible shot of the child. What a really impresive stare.


great colorful set! (love dragons, I was born in the dragon's year, have two dragons tattoos...)


Anew, same comments... How do you do to be at the good place at the best moment:-°) Your four shots are enjoying. But I like the great regard of the boy. I suppose, it will keep memory of this moment...


Very colorful images, and I love the expression of the child!


These are awesome Sidney! And I love the look of wonderment on the little boy's face.


I've never seen a live dragon dance before. It must been very exciting for you to be there and snap away.


nice pics... i like the last one... it shows how the kid is awed by the performance...


Very beautiful scenes, to live it in direct have to be a very pleasing experience.


I've never seen something like this in real life, but now I am inspired to.


Great photos and great selection of which to display, especially the big dragon and the kid looking up.


Wow! What a great series. The expression on the boy's face really tops it off though!


Wow you have a huge vault of chinese new year pics, and there is quality in your quantity. I would like to see some of your other pics as well. Very good stuff later on.


Cool dragon photos! It looks like a colorful and smokey time. The third one down looks like it has money on its tongue. What's behind that tradition?


a colorful import from our neighbor, le chine.

the search for their existence is fascinating when we find evidences of dinosaur bones. scientist suspect that our ancestors must have found traces of these skeletons and they created stories around them.


beautiful red yellow and gold colors on the dragon costume...neat detail:-) kinda funny when look at the kid photo...his eye looks up to a big dragon, great expression:-)

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